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  • About our School

    Aurum Seventh-day Adventist Academy is a Christian school.
    The teachers are dedicated to encouraging learners to develop a love for God, a love and acceptance of other people, and a healthy self -esteem.


    The school and the church work together in providing a balanced spiritual, physical, and social Christian Education and training. The main goal is to unlock every child’s God-given talent, which will be used to serve others in an acceptable way to God. Teachers and stakeholders lead by example through self-sacrifice in everything they do.


    To make Adventist education available to every Seventh-day Adventist child and every other child who is willing to receive an education underpinned by a Seventh-day Adventist Philosophy.



    To introduce every learner to Christ and to teach them how to have an ongoing relationship with Him. With the Bible central, we endeavor to create a spiritual ethos in the school. Children will be given the opportunity to pray and will be taught how to pray.

    By means of comprehensive teaching, we strive to employ methods to extract the full potential of each learner so that the education they receive will be second to none. Spiritual music, poetry, and history form part of the curriculum. An emphasis on healthful living will be modeled and upheld in daily and weekly activities.

    Aurum has as priority to communicate effectively with all stakeholders.

    To develop internal policies that would ensure effective and efficient service provision.

    We strive to keep the institution relevant to its stakeholders by continually monitoring and evaluating the school’s progress and strategic plans.


    Aurum Seventh-day Adventist Academy offers a programme based on the Seventh-day Adventist Christian philosophy of God being the Creator, Sustainer and Saviour of all that is. The fundamental premise upon which this philosophy is based on the belief that this reality touches every aspect of life. The educational programme in this school is designed to make the power of the Gospel a reality in the lived experience of our learners.


    Aurum Seventh-day Adventist Academy’s staff integrates the teaching of Christian values into all subject areas, and encourage each learner to adopt high moral standards. While Seventh-day Adventist beliefs are presented, tolerance and understanding of all religions are encouraged.

    It is expected that all learners will gain an appreciation of Christian worship and spiritual fellowship with a strong emphasis being placed on co-operative behavior and self-discipline by learners themselves. Other values guiding Aurum Seventh-day Adventist Academy are integrity, honesty, and trust in God, cleanliness, order, respect, dignity, kindness, and beauty.


    Our Code of Conduct is based on four basic principles:

    • Everyone has the right to work and learn without being disturbed by others.
    • Everyone has the right to be treated courteously and respectfully.
    • Everyone has the right to work in a clean and safe environment.
    • Everyone has the right to feel proud of the school.
    • A well-structured behaviour management system operates with full staff support.

    More details on our Code of Conduct are available from the school.


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